Block Hiking Online C++, SDL, OpenGL, Winsock

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Last update: 23.03.15
Language: English

Block Hiking Online is a 3D platform multiplayer game deveoped from scratch in C++ with OpenGL / SDL.
I wanted to make a multiplayer game so that I can play with my friends. I made my own little framework, using Winsock and UDP Sockets.
This was really complicated but I managed to have a stable game where you can play with multiple friends in real time and chat with them.


You and your friends are at the bottom of a volcano and you need to climb as fast as you can before the lava reaches you and makes a grilled steak out of you.
Use WASD to move, space to jump and left clic for the rope.

This game is in a very early stage so it is really difficult and not really friendly to play.