Guerilla C++, SDL, OpenGL

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Last update: 13.07.09
Language: French

Guerilla is a 3D Action/Strategy game coded entirely in C++ with OpenGL and SDL.
This is the last game of the Rocketzor, Rollo, Guerilla trilogy. I started it the 14th December 2008.
I already made a lot of progress since the last project and my code became cleaner. I improved my level editor along with lots of other things.
Notable features: NPC with artificial intelligence (Pathfinding A*), dialog system...


There are a dozens of levels with increasing difficulty. You have to shoot your enemies with the left clic and move your character with the QWSD keys. Also move your camera with your mouse.
You have to pay attention to bases: if you capture one, they will spawn allies that will fight for you. That also means the same for your enemies, while they have bases, enemy soldiers will spawn!

The goal in each mission is to eliminate all enemy soldiers and capture all bases.