Hollow Garden C#, Unity

Project Details

A spooky and challenging Slender-like game made for fun in a few weeks. There is no stupid jumpscare and the gameplay is challenging. There are different strategies to adapt, see for yourself ;) For every type of player, beginner to pro.

The Goal
Collect the keys to win the game. Collect beers that you can use to heal yourself when in danger. Don't die.
There is a randomized mode to unlock if you manage to finish the game once.

Use the WASD keys to move. Press E or left click to drink beer. Press SHIFT to run and SPACE to jump.

- Look away when scarecrows are appearing. And run away fast by holding SHIFT.
- Use your Beers when you are feeling danger, they will heal you a bit.
- Try not to loose yourself in the forest, be methodical in your search.

A Note
This was a very fun short project with fast results. I loved implementing the atmosphere and sound effects which obviously play a huge role in a horror game. I even managed to scare myself when I started to implement some game logic to it :D

I'm also very happy that every type of player can play this game. Even noob IRL friends play it and have fun! It was very amusing to see the different ways they reacted to the game and which strategies each of them used :D

Get it on itch.io